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Resources for Caregivers

There are a number of resources for caregivers to access which provide support and resources for families and caregivers. The following resources may help on your journey.

Canadian Virtual Hospice: Provides support and personalized information about palliative and end-of-life care to patients, family members, health care providers, researchers, and educators

caregiverexchange.ca: A website with new insights each week from real families in Ontario. Most articles and videos can be read in 4 minutes or less

Caregiving Matters: Offers education and support to family caregivers, includes podcasts, videos, and advice

Compassionate Care Benefits: Allows family caregivers six weeks of paid leave from work to care for a dying relative

Family Caregiver Amount (FCA) Tax Credit: If you have a dependant with an impairment in physical or mental functions, you may be eligible to claim an amount

Powerful Tools for Caregivers: This free 6-week workshop is designed to equip caregivers with tools they need to take care of themselves

southwesthealthline.ca: Provides a list of services for caregivers to access locally

Video Caregiving: A site for caregivers to watch short, simple, direct videos at any time of the day or night, with real life situations in a documentary style format

Connect with your local Home and Community Care - LHIN for extra support.

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